Reminder Bear's Purpose

The internet moves fast and most of us never stick around to see the conclusion. Reminder Bear is the solution to this problem.

We make it easy to get the updates you want. Just hit the bookmarklet and forget about it until you see the reminder in your email inbox.

Reminder Bear's short-term bookmarks are more like bookmarks in the real world -- temporary place-holders that let you go back to the page once, then move on to new stuff (those things that your browser calls bookmarks are the notes in the margin).

Things to use it for

  • Skip the hassle of creating an account just so you can get updates on a single comment or forum thread.
  • "Bear before you buy"! See if that must-have new device is still must-have after a week.
  • Replace Discus notifications. Get one email from Reminder Bear instead of one email per reply from Discus.
  • See if that YouTube video you liked went viral.
  • Find out how much someone over-payed for that odd item on ebay.

Things not to use it for

  • Real-time updates. Reminder Bear wants to get you to the page after all the updates have come in. You'll be able to survey the carnage after the riot is over, but you won't get to turn over any cars yourself.

Who made it?

I'm Daniel Woelfel. I made this tool so that I could save interesting comment threads from Hacker News and Reddit. Now that I've made it, I've found lots of other uses, a few of which I've listed above. If you'd like, you can follow me on Twitter: @DanielWoelfel.

I'm also looking for a job. If you'd like to hire me, you can get in touch with me here:

If you'd like to write about Reminder Bear, here is our creative commons liscensed logo in transparent .png format: